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A2 CC Homework

For however long that we are learning remotely, here is the plan:

1. I will assign a video with a homework assignment to follow each day. Very similar to what we've been doing all year.

2. You will download the pdf of the notes either to notability or physically print out.

3. You will upload to google classroom (join code sj3y5ip), your completed homework assignments. You can save your notability as a pdf or take a picture of anything that you've handwritten and submit that.

****If two or more students submit identical files, none(neither) of you will receive credit for that assignment. Please consider that before sharing your work with others or asking others to share work with you. It's ok to collaborate, but please turn in your own work****

I will send an invite for a zoom session on Friday morning at 8am. I will answer as many questions as possible

3-18-20    1.   Get notes  "Intro to logarithms"

                 2.  Watch Intro to Logarithms.  

                 3.  Complete hw section (problems 1-10)

3-19-20     1.  Get notes "Graphs of Logarithms"

                 2.  Watch "Graphs of Logarithms"

                 3.  Complete hw section (problems 1-7)  


3-20-20    1.  Get notes "Logarithm Laws"

                 2.  Watch "Logarithm Laws"

                 3.  Complete hw section (problems 1-9)          

From this point forward, 

See your google classroom for all pdf and video links

3-23-20   1. Download the note file "Solving exponential equations Using Logarithms". 
                2. Watch the video "Solving exponential equations Using Logarithms"
                3. Complete HW section (problems 1-9). 

3-24-20   1. Download the note file "The number e and the natural logarithm".

                2. Watch the video "The number e and the natural logarithm"
                3. Complete HW section (problems 1-8). 

3-25-20   Use this day to catch up on work assigned.

3-26-20  1. Download the note file "Exponential Modeling".

               2. Watch the video "Exponential Modeling"
               3. Complete HW section (problems 1-8).

3-27-20  1. Download the note file "Compound Interest".

               2. Watch the video "Compound Interest"
               3. Complete HW section (problems 1-7).

3-30-20  1. Download the note file "Exponential and Logarithms Review".

               2. Complete problems 1-35.


3-11-20  From "A2 CC Q3T2 Review" do even problems

3-10-20  From "A2 CC Q3T2 Review" do odd problems


3-9-20  From "A2 CC Finding Equations of Exponential Functions" do hw section (pgs 5-6)


3-6-20  From "A2 CC Exponential Functions Basics" do hw section (pgs 4-5)


3-5-20  From "A2 CC Forms of a Line" do hw section (pgs 3-4)

3-4-20   From " A2CC More Practice Solving Multivariable linear systems" do #3,4,5


3-3-20    From "A2CC Extra practice solving systems of linear equations" do #1,2,7,8


3-2-20   From "A2CC Systems of Linear Equations" do hw section (pgs 6-7)


2-27-20  From "Solving 2x2 systems of equations" do # 1-8

2-26-20  From "A2 CC Average Rate of Change" do #1-4 in hw part (pgs 4-5)

2-25-20  From "A2 CC Direct Variation" do hw part (pgs 4-5)


2-24-20  Complete "A2CC More Practice with Parabolas as a locus"

2-12-20  Finish "A2 CC Q3T1 Review"


2-11-20  1.  From"A2 CC Locus Definition of a Parabola" do #1-3 from homework (pages 3,4)

               2.  Do #1-9 from review sheet "A2CC Q3T1 Review"

2-10-20  From "A2 CC Vertex Form of a Parabola" do odd problems


2-7-20   Start on review sheet for test next friday.


2-6-20   Complete "Key features of functions"

2-5-20   Complete "A2 CC Tranformation of functions 2"


2-4-20   From "A2CC Even and Odd functions"  do homework section

2-3-20   From "A2 CC Horizontal Stretching of Functions"  do homework section (pages 5-6)


1-31-20  From"A2 CC Vertical Stretching of Functions" do homework section (pages 3-4)


1-30-20  From "Reflecting Parabolas" do homework section (pages 3-4)


1-29-20  From"A2 CC Shifting-Functions" do homework section (pages 3-4)

1-28-20  From "A2 CC Inverses of Linear Functions" do homework section (pages 3-4) 


1-27-20  From "A2 CC Inverses of Functions" do homework section (pages 4-5)

1-16-20  From “A2 CC Midterm Review” do # 48‐65

1-15-20  From “A2 CC Midterm Review” do # 22‐47

1-14-20  From “A2 CC Midterm Review” do # 1‐21

1-13-20  From “A2 CC Summation Notation” do pages 3‐4


1-9-20  Study for test tomorrow


1-8-20  Complete "A2 CC Q2T3 Review"


1-7-20  From "A2 CC One to one functions" do pages 3-4

1-6-20  From "A2 CC Domain and range of functions" do pages 3-4

12-19-19  From “A2 CC Function Composition” do pages 3‐4

12-18-19  From “A2 CC Function Notation” do pages 3‐4

12-17-19  From “A2 Introduction to Functions” do pages 3-4

12-16-19  Complete "A2 CC Circles" homework section


12-13-19  Complete "A2 CC Sketching Polynomials"


12-11-19  Study for Test tomorrow


12-10-19  Complete "A2 CC Q2T2 Review"


12-9-19  1.  From "A2 CC Finding Equations of Polynomials" do # 1,2,4,5,6,8

               2.  Do # 1-21 odd from "A2 CC Q2T2 Review"


12-6-19  From "A2 CC higher degree polynomials and roots " do odd problems

                 Consider starting to work on review packet


12-5-19  Complete "A2 CC More Polynomial Practice with factor and remainder theorems"


12-4-19  From"A2 CC Factor and Remainder Theorem" do pages 5 and 6


12-3-19  Complete "polynomial division practice"


12-2-19    1. From “Rational Inequalities” do #17,20

                 2. From "A2 CC Polynomial Division"  do # 2,4,15,18

11-25-19  From "Rational Inequalities" do #1-9


11-21-19  Study for Test tomorrow


11-20-19  Complete "A2 CC Q2T1 review"


11-19-19  From "A2 CC Q2T1 review" do the even numbered problems


11-18-19  From "A2 CC Quadratic Inequalities" do practice problems #1-6 (on page 3 of file on drive)


11-15-19  Complete "A2 CC Sum and Product of roots"

                 Consider starting on review sheet for next Friday's test.  (In drive)

11-14-19  Complete "A2 CC Spiral Review HW"


11-13-19 Complete "A2 Discriminant homework"


11-12-19  From "Quadratic Formula" do #1-8


11-8-19  From "Quadratic Equations By Completing the Square" do #9-23 odd


11-7-19  From “A2 CC Solving Radical Equations” do # 1-15


11-6-19  From “A2CC Solving equations that involve fractions” do # 29-36


11-4-19   From “A2CC Solving equations that involve fractions” do # 1-19 odd


11-1-19  Finish "A2CC Complex Fractions"

10-31-19  From "A2CC Complex Fractions" do # 4,6,12,15,16

10-29-19  Study for test tomorrow

10-28-19 Complete "2019 A2CC Q1QT review"

10-25-19  Complete "A2 CC Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions"

                 From "2019 A2CC Q1QT review" do #1-15


10-23-19 Study for Test tomorrow


10-22-19 Complete "A2CC review for Q1T3 2019-2020"


10-21-19 From "A2 CC Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions" do even problems

10-18-19 Finish "A2 CC Simplifying Rational Expressions"

     You may want to start on review sheet for test on Thursday "A2CC review for Q1T3 2019-2020"

      I've also put on the drive extra practice factoring and simplifying rational expressions.


10-17-19 From “factoring sum and difference of cubes” do # 2-24 even


10-16-19 From "A2 CC Factoring review hw" do #10-32


10-15-19 From "A2 CC Review of Factoring" do #1-20 (not do now problems)


10-11-19 Complete "A2 CC Complex Numbers and radicals Practice"


10-8-19  From "A2 Solving Exponential Equations homework" do evens


10-4-19  Study for Test on Monday, Oct.7th


10-3-19  Complete "A2CC Q1T2 review"


10-2-19  From “A2 CC Rational Exponents” do # 28,30,34,36,38,40,44,48,54,56,58,60,64,68,72,76,78


9-27-19   From"A2 CC Properties of Exponents" do #2-38 even


9-26-19   From "A2CC Dividing Radicals" do #4-22 even


9-25-19  1.  From "A2 Adding and Subtracting Radicals" page 3

                    do # 21,25,31,33,37

               2.  From "A2CC Multiplying Radicals" do # 19,25,27,29,33,37,39

9-24-19  From "A2CC Multiplying Radicals" do evens (skip #20)


9-23-19  From "A2 Adding and Subtracting Radicals" page 3

                    do # 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,22,24,28,30,32,34,36,38  


9-20-19  Complete page 2 (Homework) from "A2CC Simplifying Radicals"


9-18-19  Study for test tomorrow

9-17-19  Complete "A2 CC Review for Q1T1" 


9-16-19 Complete "A2CC Review of Basic Algebra"

9-13-19  Complete #1-14 from "A2 CC Review for Q1T1" 

9-12-19  Complete #1-5 in homework section from "A2 CC Multiplying probabilities" (page 3-4)


9-11-19  Complete #4-7 in homework section from "A2 CC independent events" (page 4)


9-10-19  Complete #1-3 in homework section from "A2 CC independent events" (page 3)


9-9-19  Complete #1-7 in homework section from "A2 CC conditional probability" (pages 3-4)


9-6-19  Complete #1-8 in homework section from "A2 CC L2 Adding Probabilities" (pages 3-4)

9-5-19  Complete homework section from "A2 CC L1 Intro to Probability" (pages 5-8)

9-4-19  From "A2 CC L1 Intro to Probability" do # 1-7,11 from homework section (pages 5-8)

9-3-19  Complete and have course requirement sheet signed

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