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Remote Learning Update -- please see homework page for all assignments

3rd Quarter Tentative Testing Schedule

Test 6 -- Tues 3/3

Double period test--

Topics:  Differential equations unit(including logistic and Euler's method), Parametric and vectors unit, and Polar unit.

Test 7 -- Thurs 4/2

Quarter Test -- Wed 4/8

2nd Quarter Tentative Testing Schedule

Test 4 -- Tues 12/17 & Wed 12/18

Three period test --

Single period calculator section (both part 1 and part 2) on Tuesday, December 17th

Double period non-calculator section (both part 1 and part 2) on Wednesday, December 18th

Topics : Definite integral as it relates to area. Evaluating definite integrals both algebraically and geometrically, including substitution. Evaluating indefinite integrals. Properties of integrals. Rectilinear motion. FTC parts 1 and 2. Average value of a function. Riemann sums and trapezoidal approximation. Writing a limit of a sum as a definite integral and vice versa.

See drive for Practice multiple Choice: practice mc questions for test 4

Test 5 -- Wednesday, January 15th

Double Period Test -- Both Calculator and Non-Calculator sections ( each comprised of multiple choice and free response )

Topics : Area and volume, Integration by parts, Integration using partial fractions

See drive for practice m.c.

Midterm -- Wednesday, January 22nd

Location:  Cafeteria

Time:  12:15pm - 1:45pm

Midterm Seating Chart

Format:  90 minute exam consisting of both calculator and

               non-Calculator sections

              (each comprised of multiple choice and free response)

Topics: Everything covered through and including all topics on Test 5

            Q&A from 11:40-12:40pm on Tuesday 1/21 (go to the math                     office)

Tentative 1st Quarter Testing Schedule

Test 1 -- Thursday, September 19th

Test 2 -- Monday, October 7th

      Topics: Related Rates, Implicit differentiation, Inverse function theorem, logarithmic                      differentiation, derivatives of inverse trig functions, linear approximation, and                      using the graphing calculator. 

     You also need to know all derivative rules (obviously), derivatives of common functions (exponential              functions, logarithmic functions, trig functions, etc.), and definition of derivative is ALWAYS "fair game."

Test 3 -- Tuesday, October 29th

           84 minute, non-calculator exam. 

           Topics: Optimization, graphing theory, Rolle's and MVT's, L'Hospital's rule. You also need to know                all derivative rules (obviously) and definition of  derivative is ALWAYS "fair game."

Quarter Test -- Monday, November 4th

        84 minute, non-calculator exam consisting of 33 multiple choice questions.

           Topics: All topics covered this quarter

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