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Remote Learning Update -- please see homework page for all assignments

3rd Quarter Tentative Testing Schedule

Test 1 -- Tuesday, 2/11

Topics:  Entire absolute value unit, entire function unit, problem set 11

Test 2 -- Friday, 3/13

Topics:  Sequence and series unit, including summation, exponential and logarithm unit, problem sets 12&13

Test 3 -- Thursday, 4/2

Quarter Test -- Wednesday, 4/8

2nd Quarter Tentative Testing Schedule

Test 1 -- Friday, November 22nd

        Topics:  Binomial expansion, binomial probability, solving radical               equations, division of polynomials, polynomial theorems,                     rational root theorem, and problem sets 6&7

Test 2 -- Thursday, December 12th

        Topics:  Solving inequalities, discriminant, nature of roots,

             sum and product of roots, sketching polynomials,

             parabola as a locus, math contest problems covered in class,

             and problem sets 8 & 9.

Test 3 -- Friday, January 10th

        Topics:  All of Conic Sections, rewriting absolute value as                         piecewise functions, solving absolute value equations, #1-10               from AMC 10B 2019, and problem sets 9 & 10.

Midterm -- Thursday, January 23rd

      Location: Cafeteria

         Time:  10am - 11:30am

         Topics:  All of 1st semester classwork/homework and problem                        sets 1 through 10.

              Q&A from 10:15am-11:00am on Wednesday, 1/22.

                        (Come to math office)

1st Quarter Tentative Testing Schedule

Test 1 -- Thursday, September 19th

Test 2 -- Monday, October 7th

Test 3 -- Thursday, October 24th

      Topics:  Complex numbers, factoring, simplifying rational                          expressions, including complex fractions, mult/div rational                    expressions, problem sets 4&5

Quarter Test -- Wednesday, October 30th

For hints on problem set 1, select link below:

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